Diamondbacks Reliever David Hernandez, FTW

If only every nonfraud in baseball felt the way David Hernandez feels about performance enhancing drugs. Or, if they do feel the same say, maybe they ought to learn to speak their minds about it to reporters like he did this week.

With all of the discussion and anticipation surrounding Biogenesis of America founder Tony Bosch’s cooperation with the MLB, Hernandez let it be known that he wishes the league would be much stricter with their penalties for those caught cheating.

“You want my opinion?” he said. “I think you should be out of baseball. It sounds harsh but at the end of the day you’re making it harder on somebody else who is trying to make it in the game. You’re essentially ending somebody else’s career if you’re cheating and putting up numbers. You should be done.”

Well put, sir.

He wasn’t done though.

“It’s not fair to all of us who have played the game the right way. I think there should be stiffer penalties from the get-go. Apparently 50 games isn’t enough to stop players from cheating. A lot of us feel that way around here. Basically you’re cheating us, the players. Not only the fans, but us, the union.”

Couldn’t agree more.

With all of the money athletes are making these days, there needs to be greater measures taken to stop the fraud—which is essentially what using PEDs is. Dopers are lying to fans, their teammates, and the guy who’s roster spot their taking up because he can’t compete with a roided-up meat head who cares more about the paycheck than the game itself. With a zero-tolerance PED policy, baseball would be sending the proper message, finally, and would expunge the game of those wretched substances that have tainted stat sheets for more nearly two decades.

For his blunt truthfulness, Hernandez has won this day.

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