Jet Blue Pilot Takes a Dig at Sidney Crosby

No matter how talented Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sydney Crosby is, the crybaby moniker is going to follow him around for however long he continues to lace those skates up. I’m not here to argue how deserved the nickname is, just to report on one of the greatest digs at Sid the Kid, which came from a pilot on a Jet Blue flight this morning, according to CBS Sports.

On the Pittsburgh-to-Boston flight—less than 18 hours after the Bruins took a 2-0 series lead as the Eastern Conference Final shifts to Beantown—which had several media members from both clubs aboard, the unnamed hero took to the plane’s intercom system to address a crying baby at the back of the cabin.

The man is clearly happy with how his team swept the ice with the Pens. It also goes to show that it is possible to be somewhat cordial while dissing another team, something clearly lost on the Pittsburgher who, after complaining of excruciating pain coming from his anal region following Game 1 of the series, tweeted to Boston, “I hope your city gets bombed again.”


One response to “Jet Blue Pilot Takes a Dig at Sidney Crosby

  1. Listen – there – off in the distance….. Do you hear it?

    Initially, I thought what I was listening to was perhaps an abandoned baby – one possibly suffering from colic or some other malady. As I neared closer to the disturbance, I realized this wasn’t really a tiny child at all, but instead a semi half-grown man, wearing a jet blue pilot uniform (stupid stripes on the shoulders) with a very ‘cute’ little set of wings embroidered onto the front of his white pilot top.

    Low and behold I was wrong altogether. Turns out — instead of an infant, it was just the whiny, jet blue pilot-ette (from Boston) crying in the back of the airplane because the Bruins LOST and his mommy doesn’t love him anymore. All told, he looked a little silly with that stupid looking pilot shirt, a pinned and soiled diaper, and a binkie in his mouth.

    YOU – Mr. jet blue pretend pilot – are a LOSER!

    … and I can only hope you enjoyed watching your beloved Bruins get bounced right the hell out of the playoffs as much as did I. Eat some of THAT!

    Go change your diaper Cry Baby – it STINKS!

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