Chad Durbin FINALLY Cut By the Phillies

Christ, it only took two months, but the Philadelphia Phillies brass finally realized that they were holding onto to one of the biggest wastes of space in any bullpen throughout baseball. It took a 4-hit, 3-run inning in a blowout against the Boston Red Sox for Ruben Amaro Jr. to realize that the time had come to cut the clubs losses (and believe me, he’s responsible for quite a few of them) with Chad Durbin. And so it was done with one short, simple tweet—so unlike any of his appearances this year.

Durbin’s final line with the Phils for 2013: 16 IP, 25 hits, 17 runs, 16 ER, 9 BB, 16 strikeouts, 4 HR allowed, and an ERA of 9.00. He somehow managed to poach a win from one of the starters in there and wasn’t held responsible for any losses. Don’t believe me? Look for yourself (courtesy of

chad durbin sucks

He flunked—and the Phils management flunked by signing him in the first place—in a major way.

This piece of trash shouldn’t have made it out of the first two weeks of the season with the team, let alone the first two months, and here’s why. I’d like to zoom in on two particular stat lines all the way to the right in this next graph:

durbin IR IS

Before that, though, can we just marvel at the fact that after his first appearance of the season, in which he gave up 2 hits and 2 runs while getting no one out, which lef to an ERA of infinity. And he managed to do all of that in the span of eight pitches… Godawful.

Back to the point I’m trying to make though.

IR and IS. Inherited Runners and Inherited Scores. After that disgusting (not the good disgusting, but the very, very, very awful disgusting, like the smell of those sweaty workout clothes you forgot to take out of your gym bag that have been sitting under a pile of shit for two months at the back of your closet that, when you finally do excavate them from the deep abyss and open that bag, the smell just jumps out at you, and when you touch the crusty things they basically disintegrate in your hands… that kind of disgusting) start in which he inherited no runners, it only got worse. He managed to allow 9 of the first 11 runners he inherited—guys that were already on base when he came into the game to pitch—to cross home, and that’s including 8 straight to start the season.

I’m sorry, I know the extent of my in-game knowledge with baseball goes as far as my last year in little league in 5th grade, but I’m pretty sure when you’re a relief pitcher, it’s basically in your job description that when you come into a game and there are men on base, you’re supposed to help your starter, or whoever the hell you’re in there relieving, by stranding those runners on base. (It could be argued that the bullpen as a whole needs to understand this better, but Durbin especially.) Every time that giant chode strutted his way to the mound this season you just knew in your gut that something terrible was going to happen. Babies were bound to die. I’d have been more comfortable with Charlie on the mound throwing 45 mph four-seamers than Durbin.

This is the first of many things this team needed to do to start righting the ship if they hope to make a desperation run at another crown before the creaky wheels fall of this aging carriage. There’s still plenty of work to be done though.

One response to “Chad Durbin FINALLY Cut By the Phillies

  1. Haha, he was a failure for the Braves last season, too.

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