A College Softball Player Just Threw 159 Pitches In a 4-Hit Win

Roy Halladay? Cliff Lee? Jared Weaver? Clayton Kershaw? Stephen Strasburg?

Y’all are a bunch of pansies compared to Ellen Renfroe.

The Tennessee Lady Vols Junior pitcher threw 159 pitches (100 strikes) today to complete a 4-hit, 2-run, 9-strikeout performance in the opening round of the Women’s College World Series against the Florida (Lady?) Gators—the SEC regular- and post-season champs. Here’s the stat line to prove it.

ellen renfroe stats

The Vols’ won the game 9-2.

Sure it’s comparing apples and oranges, but if any of those names came within 30 pitches of that total they’d skipping starts and looking for some additional time off (with the exception of Doc… maybe).

Renfroe—who plays alongside her two sisters Anna (fresh.) and Ivy (sr.)—has no shortage of accolades in her three-year career in Knoxville. Aside from her 70 wins, she’s thrown two no-hitters, has 51 complete games, a career 1.49 ERA, and has been named an All-American twice (soon to be three times).

Not that I’m a huge college (or any kind of) softball fanatic, but there’s something to be said about a woman who goes and puts up those kinds of numbers and then turns around two or three days later (sometimes even the next day) and does it again. Simply incredible.

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