Toronto Sports Fans Are Officially On My Shit List

You’ve done it fans of Toronto sports. You’ve made the shit list. Quite an impressive feat, considering that before this day, the shit list consisted of Joe Carter (I’m sure you all know him pretty well), Mitch Williams, and that guy who dislocated Gordon Bombay’s kneecap in D2: The Mighty Ducks.

What could you have possibly done to join such disgusting company, you ask?

Well, in the last two weeks, you’ve made Philadelphia fans (myself included there) look like friggin’ angels with the stunts you’ve pulled off at your stadiums.

Let’s start with this complete jackass.

toronto stronger

This heartless, soulless subhuman showed up to Game 3 of his beloved Toronto Maple Leafs’ first-round matchup against the Boston Bruins at the Air Canada Centre with a sign emblazoned with a blue-and-white ribbon that read “Toronto Stronger.” The message was directly mocking the logo used by the City of Boston to signify their strength and unity following the Boston Marathon bombings. Not only did this son-of-a-bitch wave the sign throughout the entire game, but it even made an appearance on the jumbotron for all in attendance and those at home watching to see.

Now, fast forward to last night.

As the Blue Jays were hosting the Baltimore Orioles, O’s outfielder Nate McClouth ranged to his right and back towards the warning track to snag a fly ball near the left-field foul line, and as he was throwing the ball back towards the infield a beer bottle is seen narrowly—like by mere inches—missing the All-Star outfielder’s head. According to USA Today-affiliate For The Win, the bottle was hurled from the upper deck (view the GIF here).

Forget the fact that about half the bottle was wasted based on the amount of beer seen spewing out of it as it hits the turf and flips around. McClouth could’ve been seriously injured (killed?) if the bottle was standing just a few inches to the right.

The best reaction, though, has to be the guy in the red jersey to the left who immediately looks in the direction of the bottle-hurler and throws his arms up in disgust.

WTF Toronto?!? Get your shit together.

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