This, Kids, Is Why We Need to Control Our Anger When We Lose a Game

There’s no crying in sports. But after Washington Nationals pitcher Ryan Mattheus gave up five runs in the bottom of the 7th inning in the team’s 13-4 loss to the San Diego Padres on Sunday, he made his way to the the visiting clubhouse and slammed his fist against a locker.

According to manager Davey Johnson the incident resulted in a broken hand for Mattheus, his pitching hand no less.

“Last night after the game he came in and was in the locker room and banged his glove against his locker with his hand in it,” Johnson said, according to the Associated Press. “He didn’t say anything to anybody. His hand didn’t swell up but when he went out to throw today his hand swelled up and he couldn’t throw the ball.”

Mattheus underwent a series of tests and X-rays on Monday that revealed the extent of the damage. The exact amount of time he’ll miss is not known at this point, but Johnson said it will be “a while.”

Nationals pitcher Zach Duke, who suffered a similar injury in 2011 (though his was a result of being hit by a comebacker, not a lapse in sanity), told the AP about the injury.

“When it’s the throwing hand it’s tough,” Duke said. “You basically lose all the stamina that you build up in the arm. I couldn’t pick up a ball for five weeks. You have to get out there and re-establish what you did in the offseason.”

Just what the Nationals need, with an already depleted roster and pitching staff. They’re expected to make two callups in the next couple of days to replace Mattheus’ and another roster spot.

So what have we learned here, kiddies?

It’s OK to get angry at yourself for serving up soft ones and getting knocked around by a team, but, be warned, you run the risk of letting that anger get out of control and doing something stupid like punching a locker and breaking the lone outer extremity that is your money maker. Not to mention it makes you seem like a complete jackass, doing something so incredibly dumb.

Take a friggin’ chill pill, put it behind you, and move on to the next game.

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