Feel Good Friday: The Matt Kemp Video You Should Have Seen By Now

If not for a busy week of sports news—and the fact that I might try and turn this into a weekly thing (hence the title)—this video would have been up here a hell of a lot sooner than today.

But, anyway.

In case you missed it, or in case you need something to make this Friday a little more special, here’s one remarkable video that can do all of that and then some. Here’s a video that shows how even one small gesture on the part of someone with more fame and fortune than you or I can only dream about, can have an incredible impact on someone’s life.

The back story: A boy, Joshua Jones, was in the stands for a Giants-Dodgers game earlier this week in San Francisco, sitting front row along the third-base line. Joshua, who has cancer and is unable to speak, was sitting in a wheelchair, watching his beloved Dodgers lose their fourth game in a row. His father, Steve, struck up a conversation during the game with the Dodgers third base coach, Tim Wallach, and told him about Josh’s condition, and how big of a Matt Kemp fan he is.

Wallach gave the pair a baseball and, at some point during the game, relayed their story to Kemp.

After recording the final out of the game, Kemp and Wallach both approached the Jones’s, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Joshua had a friend with him at the game who captured the moment on his phone and posted it on YouTube for the us all to see.

Simply touching.

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