Snoop Lion Pimped Out to Athletes Back in the Day

Back before his switch from canine to feline, Snoop D-O-double-G was the self-proclaimed pimp king. And, according to a new article on Rolling Stone, he wasn’t kidding.

Snoop opened up to the mag about his past life and how he helped a number of athletes get laid, often.

“I put an organization together,” the rapper-turned Rasta artist Snoop Lion tells contributing editor Jonah Weiner in the new issue of Rolling Stone. “I did a Playboy tour, and I had a bus follow me with ten bitches on it. I could fire a bitch, f**k a bitch, get a new ho: It was my program. City to city, titty to titty, hotel room to hotel room, athlete to athlete, entertainer to entertainer.”

While he doesn’t name names, he claims professional athletes would use his services. “If I’m in a city where where the Denver Broncos or the Nuggets play, I get a couple of they players to come hang out, pick and choose, and whichever one you like comes with a number,” he says. “A lot of athletes bought pussy from me.”

Lion was a nice pimp though. He said that despite “acting like I’d take the money from the bitch,” he would always let her keep it. “It was never about the money; it was about the fascination of being a pimp,” he said. “As a kid I dreamed of being a pimp, I dreamed of having cars and clothes and bitches to match.”

God bless Shante Broadus, this man’s wife, who continues to stay married to him for the free/”legal” access to potsome reason we’ll never be able to understand.

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