Fresno Grizzlies Kiss Cam Sham?

So, this here video is making its rounds on the internet today. Why, I don’t know—especially since it’s almost a week old. But let’s look beyond that for a moment.

On the surface, this is one of the most hilarious Kiss Cam happenings I’ve ever laid my eyes on. But I’m skeptical, and need some help from you, dear reader.

Here’s what gets depicted in the animated images below: It starts like your average Kiss Cam promotion, but the first couple shown is a guy on his phone who waves off his girlfriend’s attempted smoochie. As the segment goes on the couple finds themselves back on the big screen two or three more times, with the girl getting more and more pissed that the love of her life will not plant a wet one of her lips for the world to see.

In the final shot she’s done had it. So she stands up, takes her Big Gulp soda and throws the full drink in her (probably now) ex-man’s face and marches out of the stadium for the added flare.

Watch for yourself:

Now, a couple of issues with this:

  1. There’s no way that by the middle-innings, when this was likely to have occurred, this girl has a full soda sitting next to her. I mean, judging by how much was dumped on the man’s face, that thing was filled to the brim. Anyone who’s anyone knows that even just from the walk back to your seat from the concession stands you’re bound to finish half of that thing. Oh, and where was the ice?
  2. The dude is over-acting. If there was an Oscar category for worst Jumbotron performance, this man would win it.
  3. The crazy girlfriend is escorted out of the stadium by some mascot looking thing that just happened to be at the top of her section, ready and waiting for her? Something don’t smell right.

You be the judge though. Was this thing staged? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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