Listen To and Laugh At Charles Barkley

How this man has a job as an analyst for NBA and college basketball games is beyond me. He may sometimes (like once in every tenth blue moon type of situation) have something intelligent to say, but more often than not he has trouble collecting his thoughts and producing a coherent sentence.

He’s spoken word and his golf swing are about on par with one another.


So something tells me every time he makes an appearance on the Dan Patrick show, someone has to be breaking the man’s shoulder to let the oaf on air. The cold-shoulder DP gives him with every attempt Barkley makes at being funny is ass-cheek-clench inducing. I mean, not even a smirk out of the show’s host.

The former Sixer and Sun was on today to talk about the playoffs, Stephen Curry, his career vs. Robert Horry’s (who’s he rather have…), which city he wished he’d won a title for (Philly or Phoenix), and Jason Collins.

Oh, and a sidenote to this. For those of us who thought Jason Collins was the first gay male athlete in professional sports (which is somewhere in the ballpark of every one and their mother’s mother), The Atlantic would like to inform you thusly: You’re wrong, bitches.

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