Tim Tebow Is the Most Influential Person In Sports

This according to a new Forbes, Neilsen, E-Poll Market Research thinger-ma-jigger.

The research, which includes an athlete’s “N-score”—Neilsen’s measurement for a player’s endorsement potential—has Tebow atop the list. This ridiculously asinine news comes just days after Tebow was offered $30,000 to try to throw footballs through some hurricane-proof windows, coach in the Lingerie Football League, and be a backup for an indoor football league. So maybe this N-score actually means something.

However, the list—just minutes old—is already outdated as it has the “quarterback” listed as a New York Jet, which he clearly no longer is.

His “measurables,” according to the survey:

Influential: 29%
Awareness: 48%
N-Score: 227
Like Tebow or not, you never stop hearing about him.

The Anointed One may want to print this list out and hang it on the fridge, though, because it’ll be the only one where he find his name listed ahead of some others such as Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and Aaron Rodgers.

Here’s your full list of the most influential athletes in U.S. sports in 2013:

Name, influence factor, awareness, N-score, (my rambling commentary)

1. Tim Tebow: 29%, 48%, 227

2. Michael Phelps: 25%, 70%, 401 (how he’s less influential than Tebow, given the rest of the stats is beyond me… the dude gets caught smoking pot, people think its not a big deal, pot gets legalized in two states)

3. Usain Bolt: 23%, 27%, 125

4. Derek Jeter: 22%, 46%, 184 (is probably a better quarterback on one bad ankle than Tebow)

5. Peyton Manning: 21%, 56%, 325 (an aging quarterback that showed up in Denver and didn’t have to say two words before John Elway shipped Tebow to New York… talk about influence)

6. Drew Brees: 21%, 31%, 180

7. Gabby Douglas: 19%, 47%, 362 (could be a more mobile, accurate quarterback than Tim Tebow)

8. Aaron Rodgers: 19%, 27%, 133 (requested a Discount Double Check be done on this list for accuracy, but was ignored)

9. Lebron James: 18%, 49%, 112 (low N-score due to “taking talents to South Beach”)

10. David Beckham: 18%, 59%, 245 (influences females [and some males] to lose virginity by simply making eye contact)

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