Tim Tebow Offered $30k to Throw Footballs at Windows

Since being released by the New York Jets—a team the employed 6 quarterbacks following NFL Draft weekend—Tim Tebow has received several offers to join various teams, no of which are part of the National Football League.

According to CBS Sports, Tebow could potentially land in the Canadian Football League with the Montreal Alouettes, but the teams general manager has stated that if he were to join the Alouettes, he’d be competing for the backup job (ouch…).

The former Heisman-winner has also been invited the be the National Quarterbacks Coach for the Legends Football League, an association of 12 teams made up entirely of female athletes, compete 7-on-7 in helmets, pads and lingerie. (Something tells me that God’s favorite quarterback won’t be accepting any offer from an organization formerly known as the Lingerie Football League.) He’s also received an offer from the Omaha Beef of the Champions Professional Indoor Football League to start in the final six games of their season, making a whopping $75 per game.

It’s the most recent deal of the endorsement kind that is the real kicker. According to WKMG in Orlando, Storm Stoppers, a central-Flordia hurricane window protection company offered the “quarterback” $30,000 to make public appearances at Florida-based hurricane expos and throw footballs at their product to demonstrate their hurricane readiness.

More on the offer:

In the letter obtained by Local 6, Storm Stoppers President John Smith offers $20,000 for six months of Tebow’s personal appearances at Florida-based hurricane expos.

Tebow, a Heisman Trophy winner, would toss a football at full speed at the company’s window protection covers to demonstrate the strength of Storm Stoppers.

In addition, $10,000 in Storm Stoppers product will be donated to the Tim Tebow Foundation building in Jacksonville as well as his Philippine mission structure.

According to Local 6, Tebow’s agent has not yet replied to the offer—and it’s likely he never will.

A serious question here though: Isn’t this a risky proposition for Storm Stoppers? I mean, going off of his NFL career stats, he’d likely only hit the windows on 47.9 percent of his attempts, which would result in a lot of wasted time for the expo-goers and could potentially hurt sales of their product.

Where do you think Tebow ends up next year? Share it in the comments.

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