Mike Vick Still Has It

Well, he’s still got some quickness in his step at least.

The aging, fragile quarterback who’s only started in all 16 games once in his 12 year (+2 in prison) career, can still turn on the burners. Vick tweeted this afternoon that one of his teammates–he wouldn’t reveal who–called him old and challenged him to a 40 yard dash. According to several eyewitness and Twitter accounts, Vick put said teammate in his place.

Colt Anderson spoiled the fun, though, and gave the lo-down on who it was Vick out ran (insert cheap criminal-outrunning-the-five-oh joke here).

ProFootballTalk reports that Vick got approval from Eagles new head coach Chip Kelly to race McCoy after having put up with weeks of taunting from his running back. So the two lined up, took off, and Vick smoked Shady by roughly five yards.

As a Bird’s fan, I’m not sure if I should be excited that Vick appears to have gained a step or two back after a woefully woeful last two seasons, or concerned that Shady couldn’t outpace a man eight years his senior…?

Either way, this means nothing as far as results on the field are concerned. Just some good pre-preseason fodder to keep us all antsy as we wait for August to roll around.

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