Was RGIII Physically Cleared for This?!?!

I hope to God on high that Mike Shannahan, Dr. James Andrews, the Supreme Court, Mayor Gray, President Obama, and RGII were all consulted prior to this weekend’s Washington Redskins Draft Day Party.

Why, you ask?

Well, let’s go to the tape.

Did you see that? Did you see Robert Griffin The Third jumping around on that surgically repaired right knee? Did you see the future of Washington’s football team risking his life on a stage in front of HUNDREDS of crazed fans just to give them some false sense of hope that he’ll be ready to get back on the field when Week 1 roles around, 133 days from today.

We can all only hope that all of that up-and-down pounding on his knee didn’t cause any more damage or set him back a few days or–GASP–weeks in his recovery. At least that Week 1 matchup is a Monday night game, so he’ll have that extra day to rest before his coach (no matter what he says) decides to trot him out onto the field like a piece of meat, willing to do what he deems necessary to win a game.

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