Video: Ridiculously Long Lacrosse Goal

Now, let me preface this by saying: I’m certainly no expert on boy’s lacrosse. I get the basic concept—carry the ball in the basket on the end of the stick, and put said ball in the other team’s net. It’s kind of like hockey but the “puck” gets passed through the air and this sport is played on grass, not ice (though that would make for some highly entertaining shiznit). But that’s about as much as I can tell you.

Despite my limited knowledge of the rules, I can say, with absolute conviction, that the scene captured in the following video, is one of the most ridiculous things you will ever see. Oh, and it features my alma mater, which makes it that much better.

Somebody get me John Brenkus on the phone right now! This ish needs to be on ESPN’s Sports Science immediately.

According to “BroBible,” Stefan Bergman’s insanely long goal came from 80 yards out. 80-freaking-yards out. And it helped the La Salle Explorers top Haverford School 11-9. (Both teams are considered national powerhouses, and are consistently ranked in the top 10 in the Mid-Atlantic region by Under Armour.)

To understand just how impressive this is, let’s take a quick peak at the dimensions of your standard youth/high school lacrosse field.


So, according to that right there (for those who can make any sense of it), the distance from endline to endline is 110 yards, which—if the distance listed (80-freaking-yards out) is accurate—would mean the goal covered 73 percent of the field. Further, the shot had to be accurate enough to fit through 6-foot-by-6-foot square from 80-freaking-yards out. And, while traveling through the air from 80-freaking-yards out, the ball had to avoid contact with sticks of other players, specifically defenders, who’s weapons of necessity range from 4-feet-4-inches all the way up to 7-feet.

Absolutely incredible shot, and worthy of being featured in the #SCTop10.

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