Incredible Firsthand Photos of the Watertown Shootout

For those who were obsessively attached to all news outlets during the Boston Marathon bombing coverage, you may remember seeing this tweet hit the interwebs, published by Andrew Kitzenberg:

The founder of OnHand posted this a many other photos from the shootout between the Tsarnaev brothers and Watertown police on Thursday night/Friday morning on his business’s website—they were later removed because of “the ongoing investigation,” but can still be seen on sites like and

No matter where they appear, the photos are simply incredible and worth a few looks over—as are the captions that appear on Kitzenberg’s website.

An excerpt:

When I looked outside my window, I could clearly see two people (the Tsarnaev brothers) taking cover behind an SUV and engaging in gunfire. After witnessing shots being fired I promptly ran up the stairs to my 3rd floor bedroom to distance myself a little further away from the gunfire. As I ran into my room, overwhelmed by shock, adrenaline, and curiosity, I jumped onto my bed to stay below the windows but also have a clear view at the shooters and photograph the event. As soon as I was laying safely on my bed I started taking pictures with my iPhone 5 and captured the following images that documented the terrifying shootout with the Tsarnaev brothers, which then led to an overnight citywide manhunt.

Talk about an absolutely nerve-racking situation to be in, but it took some amazing wherewithal for the amateur photojournalist to get to a somewhat-safe location and snap stunning photos of the events taking place right outside of his window.

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