CAPTURED! Reaction on Twitter

The week from hell has seemingly come to an end as two brothers, the alleged Boston bombers, were captured—one dead, one alive. Work is still being done to keep Dzhokar Tsarnaev alive for questioning, and that’s when the real fun in this should begin.

For a week, though, viewers “in the United States an AROUND THE WORLD” (per CNN’s Wolf Blitzer) were glued to their TVs watching as the drama unfolded, ultimately culminating in the capture of the younger brother who had been cowering in a tarp-covered boat. When his capture became official, the Twitter world exploded with patriotic statements and endless amounts of gratitude being heaped upon the Boston Police and Fire Departments and all other agencies involved.

There were certainly a few off-the-mark, poorly-timed messages that made their way onto the interwebs…

…but the majority just make you feel proud to be an American.


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