Boston Strong: Emotional National Anthem at TD Garden

Just over 48 hours after the targeted attack at the Boston Marathon, residents of Beantown gathered en masse inside the TD Garden to watch their Bruins take on the Buffalo Sabres and, if for a few hours, forget about the tragic events that took place on their city’s streets.

Following pregame ceremonies to honor the victims of the bombings, Boston’s fire department color guard made its way onto the ice followed by long-time Bruins’ national anthem singer Rene Rancourt. After starting America’s song, Rancourt put the mic aside and let the crowd take over, leading the way for one of the most emotional national anthems I’ve ever had the opportunity to watch.

And—thanks to the technology we all have access to these days—we’re able to get a first person view of what the spectacle looked like from the upper deck of the arena, courtesy of the YouTube channel belonging to “specmotors,” who’s in attendance tonight.

If this doesn’t give you chills, you may want to go get your pulse checked out.

God. Bless. the U.S.A. and continue to #PrayForBoston.

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