Mike Rice is Coaching a 12-year-old Girls AAU Team

Wanna hear something absolutely nuckin’ futs?

Mike Rice—yeah, that Mike Rice, the man who was fired last month after video surface of him physically and verbally abusing players during practice—is currently the head coach for an Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) 12-year-old girls basketball team in New Jersey. And he’s still bat-shit nuts.

Deadspin shared tweets from hoopscritic.com founder Brian Geltzeiler, who was given the scoop on Rice’s AAU gig, and man are they rather unbelievable (sort of).

Even better, according to a SNYRutgers.com article, the parents of the girls are completely on board with it. A source told SNY.tv that one of the girls is Rice’s daughter, and that he’s been coaching the team all season long.

I don’t understand, given what is now public knowledge of how this man coached college players, how he could still be working as the head coach of any team, let alone one that is part of a nonprofit organization dedicated to the “promotion and development of amateur sports.”

What’s even more laughable, according to a brochure on its website, the AAU is partnered with an organization called the Positive Coaching Alliance, “a national nonprofit developing ‘Better Athletes, Better People’ by working to provide all youth and high school athletes a positive, character-building youth sports experience.” the AAU requires all coaches to obtain PCA Double-Goal Coach training and certification. I’m guessing, for a coach to pass, they have to display positive characteristics, good leadership skills, and the ability to mold the youth they come into contact with into better people.

Clearly characteristics that Rice—a bullying egotistical asshole who whipped basketballs and homophobic slurs at his players—possesses.

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