A Complete Taxonomy of College Mascots

If you’re a humongous big sports nerd like myself, this kind of thing could quite possibly send you over the edge. So take a deep breath and prepare yourself before going any further.

Pop Chart Lab—the brain child of a former book editor and a graphic designer, who set out on a quest to “render all of human experience in chart form”—released what can only be described as one of the most comprehensive collections of fake feathers, rubber swords, and painter’s pallets. Their “Chart of Collegiate Sports Teams” is a massive sheet of paper (literally, the thing is, like 6 square feet) with a breakdown of over 1,100 school mascots, from Division I, all the way down to D-III. And it can be yours for the price of $30. But hurry, because supplies are limited. (No seriously, they only have 500.)

Everything from the Fightin’ Engineers of Rose-Hulman Tech to the New England Pilgrims to the Franklin & Marshall Diplomats is represented.

So if you ever (foolishly) thought that your school had an original mascot, this thing proves you’re probably wrong at least five times over—or 39 times, if you’re a former Bulldog.

View the full chart below, and head on over to PopChartLab.com for more details.



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