Marlins Statue, 4th Highest Paid Player on Team

During the New York Mets telecast of their rubber-match against the Miami Marlins on Sunday, SNY took the opportunity to remind everyone just how idiotic (and hated) Marlins’ owner Jeffrey Loria is.

The Marlins, after their winter cleaning of every high-profile athlete they owned, had an Opening Day payroll that ranked 24th in baseball. The level of talent (or lack there-of) has certainly showed in this still-young season–they rank in the bottom third of the MLB in nearly every major statistic including runs (28th), team batting average (22nd), on-base percentage (22nd), home runs (29th), slugging percentage (27th), and WHIP (20th).

But at least they have their stupendously fantastic center field sculpture to keep things interesting, right?!?

Funny thing about that sculpture… It cost more to construct than 22 of the 25 Marlins are being paid this year. Ricky Nolasco ($11.5 million), Placido Polanco, and Adeiny Hechavarria (both make $2.75 million) are the only players to make more than the $2.5 million it took to bring that enormous distraction to Marlins Park.

It’s just a shame that, for all the money Loria spent on the thing, the team and fans really haven’t been able to see the thing in action. Miami ranked 24th in baseball last season with only 137 homers, and only 55 of those happened in front of the home crowd which was 3rd worst. They aren’t off to a hot start this season either–they have just two home runs.

So if you see any upset Marlins fans–there aren’t many Marlins fans around in general, so this could be a once in a blue moon situation–just point them in the direction of this post where they can watch this GIF over and over.

(ht SNY, USA Today)

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