What’s Your Team Worth?

Orange Husky Productions

The Cowboy’s may only have one playoff win since 1996, but that hasn’t stopped the Jerry Jones money-making machine from being the richest in the land–of football anyway.

Forbes released the valuations of the 32 NFL teams (top-10 to the right, click on the list to open the full listing in a new window), and there are a few interesting things worth pointing out.

1. Remember the whole “billionaires fighting with millionaires” thing during the lockout last year? Well it’s not entirely true. Slightly less than two-thirds of the franchises are worth over $1 billion. So technically, only 20 of the 32 NFL owners are “billionaires.” The rest are just hundred-millionaires.

2. When you look at the rankings of the teams, it’s not entirely too far off from how you might actually rank the NFL. There are a few outliers: Dallas and Washington are a bit high at one and…

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