Previewing the 2012 NFL Season

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On Monday, ESPN’s NFL analysts, writers, and insiders revealed their predictions for the 2012-13 NFL season. They shared their thoughts on who the two conference champions and eventual Super Bowl champion would be. My invitation to provide input on the matter appeared to get lost in the mail—I should check my spam more often—so I thought, as Orange Husky’s resident sports-analyst, that I’d post it here for the masses to read.

We’re going to go a little further in depth, though.

You may remember at the end of last season, the prestigious first annual OHPY and DOHPY awards were handed out in several categories. Well, with our first full season of coverage ahead of us, we’re going to look at the favorites to take home the awards. Let’s get started with some playoff, playoff?!?! yes, playoff predictions.

Cutting right to the chase. Division winners:

NFC East: New York Giants

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