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Luck^III: Stop the Comparisons

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On Saturday, one of the most anticipated NFL preseason games (yes preseason) in recent memory took place right outside of the Nation’s capital. For only the third time since 1970, quarterbacks were taken 1-2 in the draft, and on this day, they would “faceoff” in a contest that had more hype surrounding it that some Wild Card Weekend matchups.

The two will be linked for years to come, but Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III played down the contest, as expected.

“You realize that’s the nature of the beast, nature of playing quarterback, nature of being drafted 1-2 at any position in any sport,” Luck told reporters earlier in the week. “It’s not too hard not to get caught up in it. We have much bigger things to worry about.”

The job of the beloved medials though is to get caught up in it. And in buying into all the…

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It’s Not The Size of the Trophy Case That Matters

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As the new pigskin season is upon us and players are in training camp preparing for the first snap of the regular season, we as fans have some getting-ready to do of our own. It’s been a long offseason, and some of you may have forgotten how to be a fan of your team.

Now, many moons ago I gave five simple rules for being a sports fan, a good starting point for any refresher course on proper fandom. But what I’d like to do today is talk about how you can sound more intelligent as a supporter of your team—this is mainly going to be directed at my fellow Steeler, Cowboy (the few that I know and can actually handle talking to), Packer, and 49er fans.

When having a healthy debate about the strengths and weaknesses of our respective teams, and arguing who’s side is superior, the conversation…

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Previewing the 2012 NFL Season

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On Monday, ESPN’s NFL analysts, writers, and insiders revealed their predictions for the 2012-13 NFL season. They shared their thoughts on who the two conference champions and eventual Super Bowl champion would be. My invitation to provide input on the matter appeared to get lost in the mail—I should check my spam more often—so I thought, as Orange Husky’s resident sports-analyst, that I’d post it here for the masses to read.

We’re going to go a little further in depth, though.

You may remember at the end of last season, the prestigious first annual OHPY and DOHPY awards were handed out in several categories. Well, with our first full season of coverage ahead of us, we’re going to look at the favorites to take home the awards. Let’s get started with some playoff, playoff?!?! yes, playoff predictions.

Cutting right to the chase. Division winners:

NFC East: New York Giants

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Week 1 Preview: Part 1

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Picking up right where we left off at the end of last season, the weekly prediction machine is gearing up for another impressive run. If you rack your brains for just a moment, you’ll remember that mid-season I changed things up with how this weekly post was put together. I was in a terrible slump picking three key matchups, writing in-depth previews, and then only giving scores for the remaining games. After switching to brief previews for each game and a final score, I picked correctly at an astounding rate. Weeks of going 14-2, 13-3, and 15-1 became the norm.

So I think we’ll stick with that until I decide it’s no longer working.

This week is a little strange, though, with the Kick-Off Game coming on a Wednesday–thanks to Roger Goodell doing the incumbent president a favor by moving the game, normally played on a Thursday, back a day…

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What’s Your Team Worth?

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The Cowboy’s may only have one playoff win since 1996, but that hasn’t stopped the Jerry Jones money-making machine from being the richest in the land–of football anyway.

Forbes released the valuations of the 32 NFL teams (top-10 to the right, click on the list to open the full listing in a new window), and there are a few interesting things worth pointing out.

1. Remember the whole “billionaires fighting with millionaires” thing during the lockout last year? Well it’s not entirely true. Slightly less than two-thirds of the franchises are worth over $1 billion. So technically, only 20 of the 32 NFL owners are “billionaires.” The rest are just hundred-millionaires.

2. When you look at the rankings of the teams, it’s not entirely too far off from how you might actually rank the NFL. There are a few outliers: Dallas and Washington are a bit high at one and…

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